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"Casey Definitely Offers the Best Advice and Instructional Tools for the money!"
- Curt Bendell, Chicago, IL

"Casey was tested in the pits of the exchange and that experience shows. He has an amazing ability to analyze a position in order to both improve profit potential and minimize risk."
- Chuck Emerman, Cleveland, OH

"Casey taught me more than just options trading but what risk management is really about."
- Jared Yucht, Chicago, IL

Casey knows options trading very well and is excellent at teaching/coaching people on how to trade. I am very happy I've met Casey and am thankful for all is help. I highly recommend his services.
- John Locke

Dear Casey,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users. I watched and reviewed the saved webex's and found them very good. I liked your style, so best of luck with your current venture.

- Regards, Shane

"Casey advised me on a stock option plan that I am now executing. His skills and advice as a stock options trader were extremely valuable to me. The tool that Casey uses is very impressive, and his ability to communicate and translate 'trader language' into simple concepts that I can understand made a big difference for me. I would highly recommend Casey to anyone who trades stocks or is contemplating 'getting into the market'."
- John Potocki

Casey and I have known each other for close to 20 years. In that time I have found him to be of excellent character and would not hesitate to use his services again. I am of firm belief if you choose to do business with Casey come prepared as he puts to bear the full weight of his experience to exceed expectations."
- Rich Yalowitz

"Casey Platt's enthusiasm and determination are exemplary. His attention to detail is impeccable, which combined with his cunning sense of humor makes Casey a great leader."
- Paul Moniak

"Casey's extensive experience in the option trading pits allows him to do an excellent job training beginning and experienced options traders."
- Duke Given

"Casey is a great teacher with excellent communication skills."
- Bill Vanderlaan

"Casey is a disciplined options trader; which is the most important quality a trader can have. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows what it takes to be a profitable trader. I am sure he can aid anyone looking to expand their knowledge of trading with options."
- Cory Fischer

"I worked with Casey for 9 years at Sallerson-Troob LLC as a market maker. Although I was an accomplished trader prior to meeting him, Casey taught me many strategies that helped take me to the next level, as both a trader and a risk manager. Casey is an outstanding trader who has a vast understanding of equity derivatives and how to effectively manage risk."
- Mark Corman


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