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Course Outline

Talk with me personally and we can evaluate what’s working and what’s not and how to put you on the path to smarter option trading. We’ll discuss all the option trading strategies as they apply to the current trading environment. Each time you talk to me personally about your trading you’ll get experience savvy floor traders have used to be successful. I personally will take the time to examine your goals, your experience and your trades. Together we’ll find out your strengths and weaknesses and what we need to work on now. Together we will determine what’s working and what’s not working and what we need to improve on to make you a better, more profitable trader.

I’ve personally worked with an incredible number of people with the most varied trading skills and knowledge. I‘ve worked with and coached college age students who want a college level education not offered at major universities. I’ve coached "Twenty-somethings’" who never traded a share of stock and I introduced them to stock and option trading and prepared them to trade as members of the CBOE. Could that kind of tutoring experience be helpful to your trading?

I personally want to tailor a 3 to 6 month pre-season tutoring workout that will cover order entry to position exit and all the topics important to you feeling comfortable trading. My coaching will challenge you, stretch your mind and instill the confidence that make floor traders strong and successful.

From the first time we talk I'll be taking notes on what's most important to you and what I feel can be improved. With one-on-one instruction we'll get personal about what you find most important to your trading. Once you've signed up for one-on-one instruction no question is "a dumb question". You can ask me anything trading related.

I'll offer you quizzes and homework that will allow you to build your learning momentum. I'll record our conversations, show you how to download and save them, so you can review better than any collage course because you can watch as well as listen. I could prepare a CD that you can listen to, but don't you want your lessons personalized?

You can use the recordings to help you prepare more completely for our next class. You can use them "in a pinch" as a road map for the right thing to do and how. You can call or e-mail me personally and I'll return your message promptly because the number of students I have is limited to the amount only I can manage.

You'll be able to listen to our recorded classes, review all of them at your leisure whenever you choose. I'll be available for coaching when you need it most.

Coaches Pit Savvy Insights

I personally will take you through understanding and executing like a pro with your trading platform. I learned to speak with NYSE exchange brokers, understand their priorities, because I actually used floor brokers to execute stock for option traders at CBOE. That experience taught me the importance of specific order entry. I've executed live trades and had or still have accounts at Trade King, Options Express, Interactive Brokers, Thinkorswim, Brisk, E*TRADE, Options House, Actant, and Micro-Hedge. Each platform has subtle differences that make my experience actually trading with them key to your understanding. Would one-on-one help understanding how to use your trading platform make a difference? Would it make you more confident with your order entry?

A lot of people know strategies but I can apply them to real world timing and real time situations. I'm trading too. Because I'm trading, I have the finger on what's making both of us anxious. That's why I feel it's important to talk either when the markets open or when the markets close.

Calming our anxieties means knowing our trading plan and planning our next move in advance. Successful traders have the next move planned out in advance and that's the back bone of my teaching. Better than planning to exit a trade, plan the next trade in advance whether closing, rolling or neutralizing. What's your favorite exit strategy? Close? When do you roll? When is optimal? These are just a few of the questions I can answer for you in a personal one-on-one no obligation phone conversation. 312-850-2004.

Coaches Playbook

I've traded stocks, equity and index options, and futures for my own account as a customer, as part of a JBO, an LLC and currently using portfolio margining. I've been a floor trading member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. I know all the strategies and can teach you index condors, butterflies, time spreads, verticals, Greeks and much more. Equally important, I know where you stand with your broker. I know the question you ought to ask and can guide you as to how to ask and when. My frame of reference is to know the money trail and the strategies will be easy to understand.

I understand the importance of all the forms of stop orders and trading contingencies. Anybody can teach strategies, but following the money trail and understanding why you're making or losing money is the difference in my playbook.

Can you enter a stop or a stop limit order so you can walk away from your computer? Does anybody else stress the importance of knowing how to get out of a trade? Entering stop and stop limit orders is the most important ability if you ever want to step away from your computer. No one ever teaches how to use, much less enter, those orders before you absolutely must. Understanding stop orders is the strategy of what to do in case of unexpected contingencies.

How about scaling out of a winning trade? Do you realize the negotiating power that limit and contingency orders give customers? It's time well spent comprehending how to scale in and out of a trade. When you need use the midpoint between the bid and ask? When do you need to "hit the bid" or "take the offer"?

I broke my trading positions down into their simplest common denominators every morning before I went to the floor. I've seen every trading strategy and every trading manual try to explain some high flying strategy about when to execute and when to exit. My philosophy is to teach you the strategy, show you the math behind the risk and reward and let you use orders to exit. I'm not instructing as to when to, but on how to trade. You learn trading by trading so I encourage you to use your paper money to practice and determine what's working right now. Anyone who tells you when to get in or out is recommending how to trade.

Let me show you how to use the tools your trading platform offers to negotiate your price and your entry and exit.

Let's Do the Math Together

I personally will explain the math behind the formula to help you to understand the risk associated with trading options, stocks and futures. I will take the time to explain why you're buying power changes and how the clearing firm recognizes and applies risk to your trading account.

I will help you read, comprehend, and dissect your trading sheets, position statements, and patiently point out how to recognize option assignments, marks, dividends and much more. I will have you take the time to find your executions, commissions, exchange fees and add up the importance of "the nuts and bolts" of your trading sheets.

I will explain most deeply how you use the analyze portion of your trading platform. "A picture says a thousand words" and manipulating your trading platform to demonstrate and explain when your strategy makes and loses money is what I do best. I'll show you how to recognize the inherent risk in a strategy. I will show you what happens as time goes by, because options are a wasting asset. We'll do "what if" scenarios with changes in volatility and what happens to your position relative to changes in volatility. Can you do that currently on your trading platform?

Yes, let's discuss options spreads and strategies and when they ought to apply in what situation. Good coaching is to put people in a position at the right time so they can win. I've taught so many people, in so many varied situations, I've come to relish the instance when the light goes on. It's a privilege to be able to give back some of the experience, some of the talents, skills and abilities I've been taught.


I'm will be your personal Jiminy cricket to listen to your experience and help you going forward. I've taught people 18 to 81 years old, from farmers in Kansas to doctors in Naperville. I've taught option trading strategies to pilots in San Diego and firemen in Australia. I have a student who's a securities lawyer in New York City and another who's a nuclear engineer in central Florida. Webex technology provides us almost instant communication with each other and our trading platform. Provided we have internet access we can talk virtually anywhere.

With the Option Coach program, I'll always be there for you. You can store our recorded conversations to have anytime you need a little boost of confidence. You can listen to our group conversations and contribute your own experience. I'll be happy to receive your e-mails and respond to your questions.

I'll have answers to questions that people don't often give because I'm trading my own account and my own money. I'm by your side and want you to succeed over an extended period of time

You can ask questions in a group setting and hear questions that may give you new understanding to a trading strategy. I can give you the personal attention that no trading manual can give you. No back test will ever give the real life learning experience I know is most important to being profitable trading.


The difference is in the personal attention to your needs, to getting the information you need to make intelligent trading decisions. Great coaches take the time to listen because listening is their priority. Option trading is a money game and my perspective is to start by finding the money. Why? Too many traders understand strategies and have "far flung" trading plans that have nothing to do with making money. I keep it simple. Doing the math provides the clarity of knowing where the exit is at all times.

I'm coaching a limited number of students because I recognize the value of taking time for people. I want to work with you and enjoy the process of watching you learn. I'm on your side or your side line because that's what I've signed up for, coaching.

All this for $2095

Lifetime access to the virtual community of traders
6 Months of one-on-one personal coaching with a pit savvy floor trader
Recordings you can keep for a lifetime
Group lessons to ask questions and explore new topics

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