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1. When are the classes starting?
I want to teach classes when I reach the critical mass of 10 students per class. Currently I have room for 5 more students and students. The hope is that each money I can enroll 10 students a month. I've only been building this site out for a couple months and there's no clear foot prints to follow. That means your personal one on one options classes can begin rite away. The quarter, the school year, the season begins when you're ready. I'm ready. Are you? We could start tomorrow.

2.How do I sign up?
I really want to talk with you personally. Have I said that enough? My business model is "If it's to be it's up to me" so I'm a one man gang. Call me at my office 312-320-4016 or at home 312-850-2004.

3. What's different and better about The Option Coach's coaching?
My Experience as a floor trader at CBOE is the advantage. I use trading savvy a strategies that have survived the test of time. I apply those tried and true strategies that have been around since options began trading. I work the math, understand reasonable return, turn the position over and find the next trade. The strategies and the coaching themes that worked then that work today are the ones that have survived the test of time. I've been coached by traders who were the original member of the CBOE. I clerk for a trader who stood next to Steve Fosset trading Midway Airlines during a potential takeover. I worked for Ernie Naditch who's taught many traders back spreading and had up to twenty of us trading for him at one time. I worked for Sam Sallerson who was one of the first guys to trade the SPX at CBOE. I worked for Andy Troob who I still call my mentor. They build my trading character. Traders from the crash in 1987 and trading the technology bubble pop and crash taught me how to be nimble. I can still picture the sale of 1000 shares of AOL at 188 from December 31st 1999. Could this kind of experience help me coach you? Once you sign up for personal coaching I'll consider you my neighbor, my intern and the student.

4. How will I get my Webex recordings?
When you sign up for coaching with me I will give you the password to my account so that all the recorded meetings I've ever done are available to you. I will walk you through how to sign on to web ex and use my account so that we can use a virtual classroom and weather privately or in a group we meet and record our conversation so "you'll have the notes" on your computer whenever you need them. Would it help your learning if you could listen to your conversation with the teacher? Anytime you had a question?

5. How many times can we speak one on one?
I'm meeting with the first 20 people to sign up personally for 5 months once a week if necessary. I don't have an exact number but my goal is to do a few paper trades and be comfortable trading stock and options on your trading platform. I want you to have some level of confidence.

6. Can I get a discount if I bring a friend?
I have two friends currently members of my community and I might offer the same value. Two heads better are than one. Getting together with three people can be more difficult. It would depend on the situation.

7. Can I get a discount if I sign up by the end of the year?
Yes, a 10% discount to people signing before the end of the year. Time is wasting to learn trading skills you can have for the rest of your life.


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