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Voice of Experience

Casey Platt, a CBOE® Chicago Board Options Exchange Member and Floor Trader will teach you the heady moves it takes to be a profitable option trader with:
Options Classes
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To listen to our Free group meetings twice a week Tuesdays at 10 am CST and Sunday evenings. Determine for yourself if the option coach can add to your play book.
The first 50 people that sign up receive free one-on-one mentoring until the end of 2013.
  Casey's Comprehensive and Entertaining Style of Teaching
Casey has earned his MBA as a hedge for his career at CBOE and has written many articles for instruction including:
When is it OK to get Naked with GE?
Seasonal Option Cycles
Long Staddles, Back Spreads & Gamma Scalping
Earning Dividends with Covered Calls
Recognizing A Roach Motel
Earnings plays can be like "Falling on a Hand Grenade"

Contact Casey directly to set up an on-line training session. See the course outline for a description of the courses offered.
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Sign up for a one-on-one session tailored to your specific and immediate needs.


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Why Mentoring for Options Trading?
Minimize the learning curve
Avoid costly mistakes
Gain momentum early in the game

"Casey Definitely Offers the Best Advice and Instructional Tools for the money!"
Curt Bendell, Chicago, IL

"Casey was tested in the pits of the exchange and that experience shows. He has an amazing ability to analyze a position in order to both improve profit potential and minimize risk."
Chuck Emerman, Cleveland, OH

"Casey taught me more than just options trading but what risk management is really about."
Jared Yucht, Chicago, IL

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Discuss your options with a pit savvy trader:
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